Our Testimonials

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our dresses worn by sweet princesses. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous pictures and taking part in the Charlotte sy Dimby magic. Thank you for all your compliments and kind words! These testimonials warm our hearts.

Millie from Mentone in our blue Born on Fifth smocked dress

My daughter and I love dressing her baby girl in your Charlotte sy Dimb dresses! We love their exquisite smocking, excellent workmanship and material, but mostly the way they make our little love look even more precious. We look forward to dressing her in these magical dresses for many years to come! Thank you for making these special dresses!

Arabella from Mount Arlington in our Blue taffeta smocked party dress

"Charlotte sy Dimby has been such a pleasure and joy to work with since day one! Even if she might be quite busy, she always makes us feel like we are valued and special with a keen eye and attention to detail - and that shows in the quality of her beautiful dresses and relationships with all of her clients! The dresses are all treasures we will keep for generations to come! We love Charlotte sy Dimby and cannot wait to visit her storefront in Paris!"

Taleen from Arlington in our Stripes embroidered Arbor dress

She calls this her princess dress & I can completely see why! When I first saw this stunning hand stitched dress online, I fell in love. I am so glad to have you on our family journey with us and all your beautiful thoughts. Thank you for making lifetime memories through your children’s clothing.

Georgina from Denver in our Green Bow embroidery dress

"She was SUCH a doll in your beautiful dress! She was the happiest little girl in the world that day and it made my heart so happy as well. It really was the PERFECT dress for this occasion! Thank you so very much for making it happen and getting the dresses to us on time!! You were a big part of Georgina’s special day."

Elle from the Netherlands in her custom made birthday dress

Charlotte sy Dimby is every girl’s dream come true. Their collections are always so beautiful, unique and elegant, with all the handmade details. You see all the effort, time and love that is put into every item they make. Also their customer service is unique and actually the best I ever experienced. Nothing is too much and they always take the next step to create what the customer is looking for. They made all Elle’s special dresses, her first Christmas dress, first birthday dress and so on (I am going to frame them in her room once they are too small).

Stella and Lola from New York in their Spring smocked dresses

"For almost two years now, I have been dressing the girls in Charlotte sy Dimby dresses for each of one our special occasions and parties! Each piece is one of a kind. I love the fact they are handmade with love, it means a lot to me. We always make magical photo shoots creating beautiful souvenirs. We have created such a special relationship with this brand… A dream come true! Always a source of inspiration!"

Isabelle from New York in our velvet Christmas at the Grand Palais smocked dress

Your dresses are extremely special so it means so much to both of us to be able to add another one to Isabelle’s collection. Thank you for always making such timeless keepsakes! We are both over the moon! They are just gorgeous!

Kaho from Tokyo in our Swallow print smocked dress

"We purchased one of your dresses and my daughter wore it yesterday for her birthday party!!! It was just perfect! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN! We will always cherish the memory associated with this adorable dress!"

Portrait of Gigi in our pink Trianon smoked dress by the child photographer Elizabeth Pettey

A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend. Wearing a classic smocked dress by Charlotte sy Dimby has something magical & timeless about it which reminds me of the way my mama used to dress me as a little girl!

Emma from Houston in our pink Cerise dress with Georgia smocks

"I received the dresses and they are a dream!! I am speechless! Beautiful dresses! I can’t wait for Emma to wear them. I always admire all your dresses and keep them all in our very special wardrobe with our favorite pieces!"

Groovy from Spain in our pink Netti smocked dress

Thank you for always putting a smile on Groovy’s face. She wears your dresses for everything - special events and birthdays, but also climbing trees, running and dancing with friends. Your dresses are beautiful and timeless and so well made. They are by far our favorite - especially when accompanied by a trip to see you at the shop in Paris!

Ivy Rose from the Netherlands in our Moon and star organza party smocked dress

"This dress is so dreamy, we love it so much! Thank you for making every special moment even more special with your beautiful handmade and unique dresses!"

Lila from Greenville in our red tartan Christmas smocked dress

Lila has had a lot of nice clothes on her over the past two years but never one as gorgeous and well made as this one!!! The other dress she will be getting for Christmas! It is so beautiful you should be very proud of your gorgeous pieces of art!

Lily from Mississippi in our Satin cotton Amandine smocked dress

"It is truly spectacular! It’s just really, really lovely. I knew it would be pretty and nice, but it’s hands down the nicest dress I’ve ever felt. I can tell someone designed and made it themself! I have so genuinely loved getting to know this wonderful company."

Scoti from Charlotte in our velvet Pont Alexandre III embroidered dress

The quality of this dress is simply superb! The fabric is so lush and the lining keeps its shape perfectly! I look forward to making many more memories clothed in your collections!

Arabella from Los Angeles in her blue Cerise dress with pink bow embroideries

"I certainly see why the royals and celebs alike buy their princesses these stunning handmade, one of a kind dresses. If you’re looking for something special for your lil sunshine or as a gift, you won’t be disappointed!"

Chloë from Mozambique in her Illusion print Amandine smocked dress

Charlotte Sy Dimby is more than just a brand. It is a beautiful community, spreading love and joy through timeless clothes, heavenly dresses and words that touch your heart. It was by coincidence that I came across this amazing brand and has definitely grown to be my absolute favourite and number one choice for special occasions.

Maya from Nashville in our blue Bow bouquet smocked dress

"Thank you very much. I love how Maya felt like a little queen twirling in that dress. It’s the best feeling as a mom seeing my daughter happy in her precious outfit! And matching with her sweet doll is truly the best! Ever so sweet!"

Portrait by Natalie Erwin of a beautiful child in our Lavender blue Cerise dress with Glycine smocks

We absolutely love the dress! Such a beautiful blue. We hope to use another one of your dresses for our second daughter’s portrait as well!

Tea at the Plaza Hotel New York with Kate in her velvet smocked dress

"These dresses are so precious; I don’t even buy Kate dresses from anywhere else anymore. They don’t hold the candle next to yours!"

Frazier from Mississippi in her handmade Velvet Elise outfit

The dresses are just absolutely gorgeous with an eye for detail that is rarely seen. We keep adding to her growing collection! I know I can always count on you to create the most beautiful things. I appreciate the dress lining. Nobody else takes such care in the making of them and it just shows what high quality you have committed yourself to.

Rhytts Hackney from Virginia in our Amandine Vintage smocked dress

"The dresses are exquisite, and the quality is unsurpassable. I’ve never witnessed better customer service, the team goes above and beyond to make sure you are pleased."

Chiara from Italy in her fir green Amandine smocked dress

These garments have the power to make me travel back to my childhood and to revive very dear memories: my grandmother’s couture (back at the time when ready-to-wear did not exist in Brasil) and the love of fabrics of my grandfather ( who made it his job).

Amelie from London her Christmas Coral red velvet smocked dress

"Because it’s her first Christmas, the dress code had to match the impressive event, therefore this gorgeous velvet dress was the most obvious choice. The attention to details is simply remarkable, I knew it would be a special one ever since I first opened the package."

Gabrielle in our Cerise smocked dress with pink Fabrice smocks

Our ‘Little Miss G’ (Gabrielle) wearing one of your stunning creations. On the occasions she has worn the dress, she has had many positive comments regarding the design, material, quality and beautiful workmanship. We proudly name you and would recommend your clothing to others. Thank you from one happy customer.

Penny from the Netherlands in our Netti smocked dress

I cannot recommend Charlotte sy Dimby enough; from their attentive customer service to their impeccable smocked dresses, they are truly the epitome of high-quality classic children’s fashion. Every little girl needs at least one of these heirloom dresses in their wardrobe!

My niece just had her first baby. The new mom received many nice presents but insists that this Princess Charlotte smocked dress is her favorite!” - Bill - Moretown, Vermont, USA

"The dresses are GORGEOUS! Thank you very much for all your efforts and wonderful job! You really helped our ceremony to be even more magical, as my older daughter said and earned two new loyal customers!" - Katerina from Greece

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