Families' Christmas traditions with Ashleigh : The German pickle

Preparing our Christmas countdown, we asked mums to share their holiday traditions. Going through Ashleigh's ones, "the German pickle "instantly caught our attention and made us curious! A pickle for Christmas? Cucumber kept in salt and vinegar for a holiday treat? Not quite... Let's ask Ashleigh for more details!

Christmas holiday family traditions - Ideas

She is a lifestyle blogger in Atlanta with a focus on cooking, gardening and everything in between! She is mother of two, Caroline and Charlie!

"We’ve been doing the German Pickle Tradition for as long as I can imagine. Each Christmas, we hide a green pickle shaped ornament in the Christmas tree. The purpose of the pickle is to bring good luck all throughout the next year to whoever finds it first during the month of December. Some people also give an extra gift to the winner. It’s a fun tradition we look forward to every year."
Christmas family traditions - The German pickle
For the little story and those curious about the origins of Christmas traditions, this one is quite mysterious. The legend says it is a very old German tradition to hide a glass pickle ornament into the trees's branches but there is no real proof. Some claim that it began with an American soldier born in Bavaria and others that it is linked to Saint Nicholas. Whatever its roots, we are all for this fun tradition adding fantasy to Christmas trees!
Christmas family traditions - The German pickle


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