Fabric & handmade lining

Fabric is the ultimate starting point of all our designs. We select only the best and softest materials to ensure a comfortable wear for your children. Tests are always conducted before beginning the creative process.

All our fabrics are personally chosen by our designer, Monique Ramahay. Selected one by one, they must be both beautiful to the eye and soft to the skin. Very concerned about children’s well being and comfort, quality matters. The color, the weight, the texture are all taken into consideration.

Our preferences go for cotton, be it brushed for the winter or light poplin for the summer. We also like to use velvet, corduroy or needle cord.

For our party dresses, we enjoy adding a touch of fantasy with bright organzas or tulles and taffetas.

high quality childrenswear fabric

To allow our dresses to twirl like princess gowns, all have a cotton lining. Entirely made by hand using traditional couture techniques, this chic finishing touch adds sophistication to the dresses and provide more comfort.handmade cotton lining - traditional couture expertise

handmade dresses with lining

View our video on our handmade lining. 

To create additional volume and a beautiful puffed skirt, a tulle layer is added to our Netti smocked dresses.

charlotte sy dimby blue netti dress with tulle layer


If you have any questions regarding our fabrics, please contact us by email at info@charlottesydimby.com

To learn more about our high quality standards and traditional craftsmanship we invite you to click here.