To celebrate our passion for France and the launch of the book "Maman et Moi", we hosted a charming French style tea party in the heart of Paris. Bringing together the sweetest brands and artists sharing a love for all things Parisian, this delightful Tea Time embodies the "art de vivre à la française" (French art of living).

May it inspire you for your own children's birthday parties, family gatherings or baby showers. 

Below you will find all the details and links to the outfits, accessories, books, toys, cakes and decor to host your own event.

Paris French style parisian tea party celebration inspiration for little girls children dress, cakes, book ideas


A beautiful party calls for a professional photographer. CheyAnne from L'Amour de Paris captured the joy and beauty of our tea party thus creating unforgettable memories.

Speaking English and highly talented to due to numerous years of experience picturing children all around Paris, she is perfect at making little ones feel comfortable. She also masters the art of light and angles like no other. Whether for your child's party, family photos or weddings or even individual shoots, we highly recommend booking a session with her or her team.

Learn more about L'Amour de Paris and book your Paris photo session.

Charlotte sy Dimby classic children clothing paris book tea party



"Maman et Moi" is a charming illustrated book written by the acclaimed fashion artist and former Paris resident Nicole Jarecz.

This playful rhyming tale combining English with a few words of French is for every chic Mom who has ever walked the streets of Paris with her littles ones....or even just dreamed of doing so! It explores typical daily Parisian moments throughout the day : morning,  afternoon and right up to the evening. Cosy up with a café and enjoy a stroll across the city with a fashionable mum and her daughters.

This book is the perfect gift to bring back from Paris or party favor for a French themed celebration. Children will love it just as much as mums since they will be able to relate the mother/daughter relationship.

Learn more here and buy the book here.

Maman et moi French lifestyle Paris art of living culture book Nicole Jarecz


This handmade dress for babies and girls is an exclusive Charlotte sy Dimby creation. This special design features an embroidered Eiffel Tower with a darling red bow. Centered upon the white cotton piqué chest, it will be sure to attract the eye. The rest of the dress is made in a Paris landmark inspired print featuring some of the City of Light’s most famous monuments : the Eiffel tower of course, the Louvre, the June Column of the Place de la Bastille, the fountains de la Concorde to name just a few. You will even spot charming Parisians cycling around the city, dancing and relaxing in parks as well as cute French wording. 

The wide willow collar, puffed sleeves gathered at the cuffs with rose bud embroideries and self covered buttons complete the design with elegance. The skirt drawn at the waist with a chic butterfly wing shaped bow sash is fully lined ensuring an incredible twirl factor.

This dress is a must for little princesses visiting Paris or any aspiring traveller to France. With the upcoming Olympics, it is the perfect way to express your love of France.

The Eiffel Tower embroidery is inspired by the handmade illustration of the talented artist and founder of Burlington Bear Madeleine Hall.

Shop our Eiffel Tower dress

Perfect Parisian Eiffel Tower French hand made dress for babies and girls charlotte sy dimby traditional childrens boutique paris charlotte sy dimby


Bows are a must have accessory for parties. To coordinate with the Eiffel Tower dress, the artist Anna hand painted bows. One of them features a little Parisian girl standing in front of French style windows and the other one the iconic Eiffel Tower. Charming, elegant and refined, these creations can be custom made.

To learn more, visit the One Classic Lane Instagram page.

Paris themed french style handmade bows for girls and babies


Offering classic timeless traditional handmade shoes, Boni & Sidonie was the perfect match to our French style dress.

Supporting ethical European family owned production and craftsmanship, the shoes are made in high quality materials using traditional know-hows.

The designs are both very comfortable, long lasting and of course beautiful.

Our little princess wore the timeless Mary Janes Start Rite style Valentine shoes. This design is available in several shades.

Visit the Boni & Sidonie website.

Perfect Parisian Eiffel Tower French hand made dress for babies and girls charlotte sy dimby traditional childrens boutique paris charlotte sy dimby


BimBom bunnies make the sweetest guests for tea parties. Madame La Parisienne is dressed in typical French style wearing a red béret, a red bandana scarf, coordinated shoes, a striped sweater and houndstooth "pied de poule" dress and a delightful little purse. She is accompanied by Madame Jouy dressed in French Marie Antoinette style blue toile de Jouy. 

Lovingly handcrafted, BimBom bunnies are also a perfect birthday or new born gift, charming nursery decor and above all companions for life. They will soon become your little ones’ closest friend following them on all their adventures. Like a doll, children can dress and undress them and create a full wardrobe. 

The bunnies can be shopped here

To order outfits only, please send an email to

Handmade Parisian bunny plush toy


A tea party would not be complete without cakes and biscuits. For the occasion, Olivia, founder of Sugarcoats, designed a beautiful Parisian scenery white iced caked featuring some of the capital's landmarks and icons : the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, the Metro, Haussmanien buildings, typical lampposts and even a bicycle.

The cookies were also custom made to coordinate with the theme.

Specialised in personalised celebration cakes and cookies lovingly handmade in Paris for birthdays, weddings or occasions, Olivia will be sure to make your wishes come true.

Visit the Sugarcoat website to learn more.

Eiffel Tower Paris themed personalised celebration cakes and cookies lovingly handmade in Paris for birthdays, weddings or occasions
personalised celebration cakes and cookies lovingly handmade in Paris for birthdays, weddings or occasions


The Parisian porcelain designer Annouchka Beguin created a special Paris themed porcelain miniature tea set. These can be entirely custom made. Regular sizes plates, cups and bowls can also be ordered.

Visit Annouchka Beguin's tableware website

Paris themed French handmade tea set


This darling Parisian kit handmade by Isabelle Baptiste founder of the Dinette de Noni, is the perfect gift for French lovers. Composed of a felt baguette, croissant and camembert along with a sweet French themed pouch for storage, it will allow you child to host her own imaginary Paris parties.

Learn more about Isabelle Baptiste here. Please send an email to to order.

Last but not least click here to discover a fun Paris activity for your children. 

You are also welcome to join our Charlotte and Burlington French Family club.

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