If the quarantine is preventing us from travelling, love and optimism have no barriers.

In times like this, we believe it is essential to stay connected. Let us support one another and share hope and strength : Hope that it will get better and strength to hold on until it does!

We have thus gathered the thoughts from mothers all around the world and invite you to take part in the journey. 

Mothers share hope and love from around the world - mother and daughter
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We will be travelling across the globe to meet a mother from a different country each day! A new article will be available every morning by clicking on the link beneath the pictures.

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Friday the 24th : Meeting Brittany Pillard from Denver - USA 

Mother of a baby girl and founder of The CashmereGypsy blog. A woman with a discerning eye for all things beautiful constantly on the lookout for new inspiration.

Meeting mothers from around the world - Brittany from Denver

Read Brittany's thoughts



Saturday the 25th : Meeting Susanna from Helsinki- Finland 

Mother of three and doctoral student. A woman whose attention to details transforms the ordinary into exquisite beauty!

Meeting mothers from around the world - Susanna from Helsinki

Read Susanna's thoughts


 Sunday the 26th : Meeting Marisa from Palma de Mallorca -Spain

In spite of the very harsh Spanish lockdown Marisa and her family have been staying positive all along. An inspiring example from which we have much to learn!

Mothers share - Meeting Marisa from Spain

Read Marisa's thoughts


Monday the 27th : Meeting Astrie from Singapour

Mother of three and founder of the A-the Etiquette Consultancy. A woman of taste and refinement with a loving heart.

Mothers share from around the world - Meeting Astrie from Singapore

Read Astrie's thoughts



Tuesday the 28th : Meeting Chloë from Angers  - France

Housewife taking care of her two beloved children. A woman embodying French motherhood at it best.

Mothers share from around the world - Meeting Chloe from France

Read Chloë's thoughts



Wednesday the 29th : Meeting Gail from Los Angeles - USA

Happy mother of a brave and beautiful Arabella born with a limb difference. A women with the most generous soul, a ray of sunshine!

Mothers share from around the world - Meeting Gail from LA

Read Gail's thoughts



Thursday the 30th : Meeting Valéry from Amstelveen - Netherlands 

Mother of two beloved children working for KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines. A woman with a kind and caring heart adding beauty all around her!

Mothers share from around the world - Meeting Valéry from the NL

Read Valéry's thoughts


Friday the 1st : Meeting Perla from Ciudad Obregón - Mexico

Mother of a little princess María Elisa.  A woman full of dreams and professional baker.

Meeting Perla from Mexico

Read Perla's thoughts


Saturday the 2nd : Meeting Aly from London - UK

 Mother to two toddlers and a week old newborn! Founder of Allmumstalk's blog. A woman with a great sense of humour and never ending energy!

Mothers share from around the world : Meeting Aly in London

Read Aly's thoughts


Monday the 4th : Meeting Anastasia from Cape Cod - USA

Mother of a child named Elle. Lucky to live by the seaside in Cape Cod!

A lovely family!



Read Anastasia's thoughts


Tuesday the 5th : Meeting Alexandra from Antalya - Turkey
Currently based in Turkey but travelling worldwide, Alexandra Atach and her beloved child Noyemi Pia form the most fascinating duo. 
Read Alexandra's thoughts


Wednesday the 6th : Meeting Danielle, from New York-USA

Hair, makeup and award winning eyebrow artist with a passion for photography, this talented mother loves to spread beauty everywhere she goes!

Meeting Danielle, mother from New York


Thursday the 7th : Meeting Julia from Toronto - Canada

Editorial stylist creating the dreamiest worlds, Julia is mother to Isabelle, sweetly called Issy!

Read Julia's thoughts


 Friday the 8th : Meeting Emily from Atlanta - USA

Emily is one of our American "coup de coeur", a wonderful mother with whom we hold a very special bond...

Meeting Emily Hertz from Atlanta 

Read Emily's thoughts


 Saturday the 9th : Meeting Pia from Copenhagen - Denmark 

Pia is not only mother to two but also face yoga teacher, a registered nurse and a skin expert! A women full of energy and zen vibes.

Meeting Pia from Copenhagen Denmark

Read Pia's thoughts


 Sunday the 10th : Meeting Lidiya, Ukrainian mother sharing from Washington

To celebrate Mother's Day, we are happy to share the thoughts of a most loving mother who made the brave decision of temporarily moving out of town to best protect her children.

Lidiya, Ukrainian mother sharing from Washington

Read Lidiya's thoughts


Monday the 11th : Meeting Marie-Laure from Paris - France

Back to our French roots with the portrait of a Parisian mother of two princesses.

Meeting Marie-Laure, French mother 

Read Marie Laure's thoughts


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