Following the success of the past contests with the talented children’s oil portrait artist Shari Ford, we are thrilled to offer you a unique opportunity to capture the magic of childhood in our dresses.

How often have you looked back at a picture of your child with fondness and said “This one needs to be framed!”?

Take the chance to make your dream come true by having your favorite photo turned into a beautiful oil portrait. Imagine a special moment of yours turned into a painting to treasure forever...

Children's traditional small sized portraits Charlotte sy Dimby Shari Ford

Shari has truly fallen in love with our Charlotte sy Dimby princesses and would like to create beautiful portraits made straight from your little girls' photos in our dresses.

Inspired by Impressionism, her aim is to paint a fleeting moment of your little one’s childhood, to eternalize a darling movement or pose from these joyful and carefree days. Less detailed than official portraits, these small sized paintings in our dresses will focus on emotions, capturing the true essence and ‘impressions’ of childhood : its innocence, tenderness and delicate beauty.

Following her inspiration and most of all her heart, she will freely create portraits and then give the family of the model two weeks to decide if they wish to acquire the painting before putting it on sale in her gallery. (The gallery link will be provided once Shari starts this project).

The portraits will be between 16” x 20” and 20”x 24” and prices would be between $22000 and $6000 depending on the composition.

The background could potentially be changed or edited depending on the artist’s inspiration. 

Before beginning a portrait, Shari will contact the model and her family to discuss her ideas.

Children's traditional small sized portraits Charlotte sy Dimby Shari Ford


  • If you wish to submit a photo of your child in our dress or allow Shari to use those submitted in the past contests fill in the form. Please note that those who took part in the contests will be given priority.


Sending a photo or allowing Shari to use your photos grants Shari & Charlotte sy Dimby the right to publish your photo & portrait on all their social media and website. It gives permission to Shari to paint a portrait from your photo and sell it. If the pictures are made by a professional photographer, please make sure you have her/his approval to share before sending.

However it does not mean you necessarily need to buy the portrait if Shari makes one. You are not committed to purchasing the portrait. 

  • If you did not take part in the past contests or wish to submit more photos of your child in our dress please send them to 
  • If and when Shari decides to paint your child’s portrait, you will be notified by email.
  • Once the portrait is ready you will be sent a high quality photo version by email and will have two weeks to decide if you wish to purchase it. If the decision to purchase the portrait is made, a small deposit will hold it until payment is complete.  
  • If not the portrait will be published on Shari’s online gallery available for all to buy.
Children's traditional small sized portraits Charlotte sy Dimby Shari Ford


  • Shipping fees will vary on the location knowing portraits will be sent from Tennessee.
  • Several children can be painted in the same portrait for an extra 50% per child.
  • Photos can be your own or taken by a professional photographer. It is not necessary to see the child's full face, profile or back work too.
  •  For all questions or photography tips, please contact Shari at
  • For those wishing a more standard portrait, visit thewebsite, A $1000 discount off a portrait $8500. or more will be offered if the child is wearing a Charlotte sy Dimby dress. 




Discover our photography tips and portraits from Shari on our Youtube channel and in our article

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