“Gentleness and kindness will make our homes a paradise on earth.” Bartol

Self-quarantined as a family, now is the moment, more than ever, to reinvent our daily routines by adding a little sparkle to each and every day. Creating little havens of peace within our homes is essential to keep our children reassured and happy. Life must go on, hope and love must be stronger than fear!

To make your little princess or prince keep on dreaming and to strengthen your mother-daughter/son bonds we would like to share an “out of the box” treasure box idea! A creative and unusual way to enhance your days with bliss and joy!

Ready to embark on the adventure? All set for the challenge? Put on your best dress and let’s go!

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The idea is to create a special box to fill with daily treasures! A mini surprise to look forward to every morning! 

We all have in mind and hearts the unforgettable smiles of our children when opening presents, the grins on their darling faces as they open up their gifts on birthdays, at Christmas and of course at Easter with their bunny baskets.

 To help them cope through this long in-door stay at home period, why not recreate this magic on a daily basis?

Easy to put into place, it will also be a way for you, dear mothers, to plunge back into childhood souvenirs and stimulate your own creativity!

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 Here is our guide but please feel free to innovate and add your own unique touch. Or to pick just part of our suggestions and come up with a totally new idea!

Sky is the limit so enjoy and let your inner child’s soul speak out!

Step 1 : Determine the number of boxes

If you have more than one child, you can either make a box for each or take turns to open up the box each day, a bit like the Advent chocolate calendar.

You could also make a “family box”, each day one of the members is given the mission to prepare a surprise to put in the treasure box for the next day! A fantastic way to make children actively take part and become actors. By making them feel responsible, you will develop their independence skills.

Step 2 : Find a pretty box

It can be a plain shoe or cardboard box which you can decorate with your child. You could perhaps paint it or have the kids cut out all their favorite things from a catalogue and then make a collage upon the box?

A jewel box or a basket will work perfectly fine too.

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Step 3 : Decide where to put the box

You can either give it a special spot within your home: near a pretty bouquet, in Mummy’s bedroom, on the mantelpiece in the living room or decide to hide it somewhere different every day as a kind of treasure hunt.

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Step 4: Create a schedule

Establish a routine around the box. Children need structure so decide on opening the box at a specific moment of the day! We recommend opening it in the morning, perhaps just after breakfast once the children are dressed and teeth are cleaned! A good way to get them up and about!

You can either decide to add a treasure in the box everyday or to fill it with a big number of treasures and pick one out each day. 

Step 5: Fill the box

This is where the real fun and creativity begins! We have several suggestions but why not ask your husband to take part or share your tips with another mother and friend?
Please choose what feels best for your family and adapt to the age of your child. 

It could be tiny presents, small goodies:

  • A pretty bow or headband, a great and easy way to make any little girl happy!
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  • A candy, lollipop or sweet treat will also meet success
  • A pretty sticker
  • Bath accessories...

But why not seek the opportunity to come up with different, more personal, home made ideas: 

  • A picture of a beautiful spot, a way to make you and your child travel! This could lead to the planning of the next family trip.
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  • A quote or saying depending on your child’s age. This is a way to widen your child’s horizon and engage dialogue! For quote inspirations follow our Instagram page.
  • An old picture. Show your child what you looked liked as a kid, laugh over funny face photos taken during your last holiday!
  • A riddle to solve! 
  • A cooking recipe to bake together! Why not create a cooking book and decorate it each day!
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  • Something belonging to Mummy : who has never dreamed of wearing Mum’s bracelet, scarf for the day!
  • A kind word, a sweet message or compliment for your child! Something to make her feel special and loved!

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It could also be daily challenges or activity suggestions. In this case it could perhaps be opened more than once a day when children start getting bored. 

Here are some ideas:

  • write a letter to Granny/Grandpa
  • Bake a cake
  • Make a den
  • Invent a story and illustrate it
  • Mak
  • Make a list of all the things you want to do when you become “a big grown up”
  • Make a pasta necklace
  • Make a self portrait
  • Invent a joke
  • Sing your favorite song
  • Make a small dance performance
  • Play the game “if I were an animal I would be, if I were an object I would be...”
  • Play hide and seek
  • Make a performance for the whole family
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    We hope our treasure box idea will inspire you and lead to happy and creative moments with your children! Please do not hesitate to reach out by email at or by DM on Instagram! If ever we can support, help or merely bring a smile to your day we would be more than happy to do so!

    We would like to finish with a final quote :

    “Everything in life is temporary so if things are good enjoy them and give thanks. And if things are not so good, do not fear, it cannot last forever and better days are on their way!”

    Stay tuned for our next article!

    charlotte sy dimby smocked dresses treasure box ideas to keep children happy and busy covid

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