The heroine of our adventures is named Charlotte after our children's wear brand Charlotte sy Dimby. She is our new ambassador.

She is a Sasha collector doll, a repainted "Trendon School girl" type from the 1980's. She is blonde with blue eyes and has the kindest heart.

She arrived in our Paris boutique in a rather dishevelled state...

Before telling you all about her adventures with Burlington Bear and showing you her exquisite wardrobe, we would like to introduce her through a Chinese portrait. A Chinese Portrait (portrait chinois in French) is a description of oneself through a comparison with various animals, objects, places, people, characters, foods, or anything really!

The adventures of a Trendon Sasha doll
Our original Sasha doll Charlotte before the beginning of her adventures and design of her new wardrobe

If you were ... a city ?

A city Paris

Paris! Add three letters to Paris and you have paradise, said Jules Renard! Deep within I know that my heart belongs to Paris.

If you were …  a work of art ? 

Embroidery Charlotte and Burlington children's book

An embroidery! Wouldn’t it be fascinating to be born from the creativity of a passionate artist, to be filled with so many different colours and subtle shades.

If you were … a plant ?

Rose illustration  Charlotte and Burlington children's book

Definitely a flower, they are Mother’s Nature’s most pretty gift! I would be a rose that bloomed through the long summer to fill homes and gardens with the fragrance of love.

If you were … a piece of clothing ? 

Smocked dress Charlotte and Burlington children's book

Without a single doubt, a Charlotte sy Dimby smocked dress! I love the way they twirl and I feel like a princess wearing them!

If you were … a quality ? 

Generosity, the world is full of wonders and beauty! I believe it is there for us to share and spread. I may have to add curiosity too. I am always searching for magic which is often found in the most unexpected places...

If you were … a quote ?

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret : It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye!” The Little Prince from Saint Exupéry. 

Now that introductions have been made, it’s almost time for the adventure to begin!

Whether for fun, for pleasure, or as a collector in search of unique, high quality outfits for Sasha dolls, you are welcome to our discover our world!


As a start, download your free Charlotte and Burlington printable colouring page. Let your imagination run wild and send your completed pictures to

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Charlotte and Burlington
Illustrations by Madeleine Hall


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