Following the success of our initial digital Christmas Pen Pals for children and families, we have decided to extend the project! 

We have created so many wonderful encounters through our Charlotte sy Dimby community and wish to continue to allow you to meet one another.

This Pen Pal adventure is created through our French learning family club Charlotte & Burlington which you are also welcome to join. 


Pen pal for children - snail mail Charlotte sy Dimby


You are all invited, there is no age limit or boundary. If you think your child is too young to take part, you can sign up as a family. Adults are welcome too.

It's entirely free and you can join at any given moment. The only requirement is respect and kindness. Once you engage in this adventure, we trust you to keep regular contact with your pen pal and nurture a beautiful relationship.

All you need to do is fill in the Pen Pal form for us to make groups.


Once you have signed up, we will create meaningful pairs based on the information you have provided and your preferences. 

You will then receive fun templates by email all along the year. Once you have filled them in, you can decide to send them by email to your friend or use proper mail.

Sky is the limit, these are just guidelines but feel free to innovate and be creative to keep in contact and nurture the friendship.

Template examples

Children's pen pal template example a little bit about me

A little bit about me : A pen pal template to present yourself

Children's pen pal template example a little bit about me morning routine

My morning routine : A template to describe your lifestyle and habits

Children's pen pal template example a little bit about me

My Christmas template - We sent templates to celebrate the highlights of the year : Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, New Year...


  • Pen Pals are a way to build new friendships, to create social interaction in a personal manner, to develop a unique one-to-one relationship over time.
  • Pen Pals help to build self-esteem and confidence by encouraging children to present themselves and to share about their achievements and joys.
  • They develop communication and writing skills. It is a way to practice spelling, grammar and reading comprehension.
  • They are a way to create a love of writing letters by hand, of keeping the snail mail tradition alive. 
  • They widen children's horizons by allowing them to discover different cultures, ways of life, habits.
  • They help to develop patience by learning to wait for good things.
  • They develop good manners and respect : replying on time, putting love into making one's Pen Pal happy, using adequate words...

Joining in as a family is also a way to strengthen bonds with your children, to get together around a joint project.

Signing up as a mum with children of the same age will allow you to share tips and advice, to support one another. 


If you have more questions please send an email to

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For safety reasons, if you are not part of the Charlotte sy Dimby or Burlington community or recommended by a friend, we may ask you a few questions before you subscribe.

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